Databricks Solution Accelerators

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Introducing the Databricks Solution Accelerators

In these times of volatility and business model reinvention, data teams do not have months or years to deliver business value. At the same time, they often face resource constraints like the lack of in-house experts in Python or Scala or even broader lack of deep data science expertise.

The Databricks Solution Accelerators (DSA) are fully-functional notebooks that tackle the most common and high-impact use cases that our customers are facing. Solution Accelerators are designed to help Databricks customers go from idea to proof of concept (PoC) in less than 2 weeks.

Featured solution accelerators

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Faster, more accurate
Demand Forecasting

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Creating personalized
experiences with
Recommendation Engines

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Automated Environmental,
Social, & Governance
insight abstraction

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Sales Forecasting and
Advertising Attribution
by geo

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