Databricks Subprocessors

Databricks Subprocessors

Databricks, Inc. (“Databricks”) uses certain Subprocessors (including members of the Databricks Group and third parties, as listed below) and subcontractors to assist it in providing the Subscription Services as described in the Databricks Terms of Service or other written agreement you have with Databricks (“Agreement”). Capitalized terms used herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the Agreement.

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What is a Subprocessor:

A Subprocessor is a third party data processor utilized by Databricks in the delivery of its Subscription Services, including entities from within the Databricks Group, who has or potentially will have access to or will process Customer Data (including Personal Data) or who may receive Personal Data from Subscriber as part of Databricks providing the Subscription Services. Databricks engages different types of Subprocessors to perform various functions as explained in the tables below. Note that third party Subscription Services linked to within the Subscription Services (e.g., Github) are not considered Databricks Subprocessor. Such Subscription Services are provided subject to the terms of service and privacy policies applicable to such Subscription Services. Databricks refers to third parties that do not have access to or process Customer Data but who are otherwise used to provide the Subscription Services as “subcontractors” and not Subprocessors.

Contractual Safeguards:

Databricks requires its Subprocessors to satisfy equivalent obligations as those required from Databricks (as a Data Processor) as set forth in Databricks’ Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”), including but not limited to the requirements to:

  • process Personal Data in accordance with data controller’s (i.e. Subscriber’s) documented instructions (as communicated in writing to the relevant Subprocessor by Databricks);
  • implement and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures (including measures consistent with those to which Databricks is contractually committed to adhere insofar as they are equally relevant to the Subprocessor’s processing of Personal Data on Databricks’ behalf) and provide an annual certification that evidences compliance with this obligation. In the absence of such certification Databricks reserves the right to audit the Subprocessor; and
  • promptly inform Databricks about any security breach.

This policy does not give Subscribers any additional rights or remedies and should not be construed as a binding agreement. The information herein is only provided to illustrate Databricks’ engagement process for Subprocessors as well as to provide the actual list of third party Subprocessors used by Databricks as of the date of this policy (which Databricks may use in the delivery and support of the Subscription Services).

If you are a Databricks Subscriber and wish to enter into our DPA, please email us at

Process to Engage New Subprocessors:

Prior to the addition or change of any Subprocessors described in this policy, Databricks shall provide notice to Subscriber by updating this website not less than 30 days prior to the date on which the Subprocessor shall commence processing Personal Data. It is Subscriber’s responsibility to check this website for changes. Pursuant to the DPA, a Subscriber can object in writing to the processing of its Personal Data by a new Subprocessor within ten (10) days after updating of this policy and shall describe its legitimate reasons to object. If Subscriber does not object during such time period the new Subprocessor(s) shall be deemed accepted.

If a Subscriber objects to the use of a Subprocessor pursuant to the process provided under the DPA, Databricks shall have the right to cure the objection through one of the following options (to be selected at Databricks’ sole discretion):

(a) Databricks will cease to use the Subprocessor with regard to Subscriber’s Personal Data, which may result in new Subscription Services features enabled by the Subprocessor not being available to Subscriber ; or

(b) Databricks will work with Subscriber to address Subscriber’s reasonable objections and thereafter proceed to use the Subprocessor to perform such processing.

Termination rights, as applicable and agreed, are set forth exclusively in the DPA.

The following is an up-to-date list (as of the date of this policy) of the names and locations of Databricks Subprocessors (including members of the Databricks Group and third parties):

Infrastructure Subprocessors

Databricks utilizes certain cloud service providers to host the Platform Services, to provide Databricks with certain services related to the provisioning of the Platform Services, including storing certain data relating to the Platform Services. Additionally, the Subscription Platform Services require Subscriber to have its own account with the Cloud Service Provider listed here. The Platform Services are provided by means of a split architecture where Subscriber’s Customer Data stays primarily within Subscriber’s own Cloud Service Provider account (e.g., within an S3 bucket controlled by Subscriber). Note: Azure Databricks is provided directly by Microsoft. Additional information for Azure Databricks can be found here.

Entity Name Purpose Entity Country
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Cloud Service Provider United States
Amazon Data Services Ireland Ltd Cloud Service Provider Ireland
Google LLC Cloud Service Provider United States
Microsoft Corporation Cloud Service Provider United States

Service-specific Subprocessors

Databricks works with certain third parties to provide specific functionality within the Subscription Services. These providers are the Subprocessors set forth below. In order to provide the relevant functionality these Subprocessors may access Customer Data.


Entity Name Purpose Applicable Subscription Services Entity Country
Atlassian Pty Ltd. Databricks utilizes JIRA for certain bug and ticket handling. Accordingly, some information that you submit into a support ticket may be processed by Atlassian. Databricks Support Australia
EdInvent, Inc. Databricks utilizes EdIvent to provide digital training badges, accreditations and certification credentials. Databricks Training United States
Docebo NA, Inc. Databricks utilizes Docebo as a Learning Management System for on-demand and event based courses. Databricks Training United States
eMudhra Ltd. Vendor offers some substantive customer technical support through eMudhra Limited (“eMudhra”), an ISO 9001, ISO 20001 and ISO 27001-certified independent subcontractor located in Bangalore, India. Databricks Support India
Heap, Inc. Databricks uses Heap to improve our products and services and provide a better customer experience. Databricks Services United States
Intercom R&D Unlimited Company Databricks utilizes Intercom to provide a platform for Databricks to send messages to our customers. Databricks Services Ireland
Marketo Databricks uses Marketo to manage customer and prospect communications. Databricks Services United States
Microsoft, Inc. Databricks offers the use of Microsoft Teams to provide certain support offerings. If Subscriber utilizes Teams for such support offerings, Microsoft, Inc. is our Subprocessor with respect to Subscribers who use the Subscription Services. Databricks Services United States
Okta Databricks use Okta as an identity provider and authorization server for Customer access to the Databricks Services Databricks Services United States
PagerDuty, Inc. Databricks utilizes PagerDuty to provide emergency ticket routing. Accordingly, some information that you submit into a support ticket may be processed by PagerDuty. Databricks Support United States
Qualtrics Databricks uses Qualtrics to provide survey experiences to users when collecting feedback on our product, services and other offerings. Databricks Services United States, inc. Databricks utilizes Salesforce to provide support ticketing and manage user relationships and communications. Databricks Services United States
ServiceRocket, Inc. Databricks utilizes ServiceRocket track and manage training events and content. Databricks Training United States
Slack Technologies Limited Databricks offers the use of Slack to provide certain support offerings. If Subscriber utilizes Slack for such support offerings, Slack Technologies Limited is our Subprocessor with respect to Subscribers who use the Subscription Services outside of the U.S. and Canada. Databricks Support Ireland
Slack Technologies, Inc. Databricks offers the use of Slack to provide certain support offerings. If Subscriber utilizes Slack for such support offerings, Slack Technologies, Inc. is our Subprocessor with respect to Subscribers who use the Subscription Services in the US and Canada. Databricks Support United States
Spektra Systems, LLC. Databricks uses Specktra Systems to automate the provisioning and teardown of training workspaces. Databricks Training United States
SupportLogic, Inc. Databricks utilizes SupportLogic to improve its ability to respond quickly and accurately to support tickets and improve our products and services. Databricks Support United States
Twilio Inc. Databricks uses Twilio to provide customer communications, including in-product messaging, email, and SMS. Databricks Services United States
Zendesk, Inc. Databricks utilizes Zendesk to provide support ticketing. Databricks Support United States
Zscaler, Inc. Databricks utilizes Zscaler to secure corporate network communications, including VPN access by Databricks personnel to customer accounts through its Genie system for support purposes. Databricks Services United States

Databricks Group Subprocessors

The following entities are members of the Databricks Group. Accordingly, they function as Subprocessors to provide the Subscription Services.

Entity Name Country
Databricks Federal, LLC United States
Databricks BV The Netherlands
Databricks U.K. Limited United Kingdom
Databricks Australia Pty Ltd Australia
Databricks SARL France
Databricks GmBH Germany
Databricks ASIAPAC Unified Analytics PTE LTD Singapore
Databricks Japan KK Japan
Databricks India Private Limited India
Hangzhou Databricks Technology Co., Ltd. China
Databricks Canada ULC Canada


As explained above, Databricks also uses certain “subcontractors” to assist in the operations necessary to provide the Subscription Services. The following is a list (as of the date of this policy) of the names and locations of material third-party subcontractors. Subcontractors do not have access to Customer Data, except as stated below.

Entity Name Purpose Entity Country
Chargify LLC Databricks uses Chargify as a billing provider United States
Oracle Corporation Databricks uses Netsuite to store certain financial information related to Databricks customers and accounts United States, inc. Databricks uses Salesforce for customer relationship management; Salesforce may hold certain personal data related to users of the Subscription Services (e.g., name or email address) United States
Aha! Labs Inc. Aha! provides a platform to enable customers to provide feedback directly to the Databricks product team United States LLC d/b/a Databricks uses to provide its platform services status page and permit certain subscriptions to receive notifications; may hold certain personal data related to users of the status page (e.g., email address) United States

Last Modified: July 9, 2021