Databricks Data Processing Addendum

Databricks offers our customers a Data Processing Addendum (“DPA”) that outlines our commitments to you as your data processor and explains how we can work together to protect your data. Our DPA is designed to work with our Master Cloud Services Agreement.

This DPA is only designed for use with the Databricks’ Services. If you are an Azure Databricks user, please STOP and contact us at

If you already have an agreement with Databricks that incorporates this DPA you do not need to take any further action by executing this DPA.

Executing our DPA

To execute this Addendum please have your authorized representative:

  1. Complete and sign the signature boxes in the main body of the DPA;
  2. Complete the data exporter information in Annex A; and
  3. Send the completed and signed DPA to and indicate in the email either:
    1. the URL(s) on your Customer welcome page (e.g., https://dbc-0000aaa0-; or
    2. your workspaceId(s) (the value following ?o= in the URL(s)).

Please note that this DPA has been pre-signed by Databricks for your convenience, but any modifications beyond those described above to execute the document will render the DPA null and void.

Download DPA