Building a high-performance data organization

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Among the companies in our survey, 63% use cloud services or infrastructure widely in their data architecture

Every organization today recognizes the strategic value of generating actionable insights from their enterprise data. That’s why data-driven companies are deploying increasingly advanced cloud-based technologies, including analytics tools with machine learning capabilities — but they’re still hamstrung by a lack of abundant, easily accessible, high-quality data.

How are organizations grappling with this dilemma? This MIT Technology Review Insights report summarizes the findings from a global survey of more than 350 CDOs, CIOs and other data leaders from companies with over $1 billion in annual revenue.

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  • Why only 13% of organizations are currently delivering on their data strategy (and what these leaders credit their success to)
  • Why data leaders prioritize the democratization of analytics and machine learning
  • Why over half of respondents said they’re struggling to scale ML use cases
  • Why open standards are the primary requirement for future data architecture strategies

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