Data + AI visionaries and thought leaders
2021 speakers includes a line-up of experts in industry, research and academia

Level up your knowledge

Highly technical content, presented by leading experts, plus a full slate of hands-on training workshops for everyone from data engineers to data scientists to machine learning engineers and business leaders.


Breakout sessions

Data scientists, data engineers, analysts, developers, researchers and ML practitioners all attend Summit to learn from the world’s leading experts on topics like:

  • Best practices and use cases for Apache Spark™, Delta Lake, MLflow, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Transformers
  • Data engineering, including streaming architectures
  • SQL analytics and BI using data warehouses and data lakes
  • Data science, including the Python ecosystem
  • Machine learning and deep learning applications


Take advantage of a full slate of pre-conference training workshops that feature a mix of instruction and hands-on exercises to help you improve your data engineering, data science, machine learning skills. Technologies covered include: Apache Spark, TensorFlow, MLflow, pandas, and more. You can also get certified with our Apache Spark 3.x prep course and certification exam.


5 reasons to attend Data + AI Summit

Discover how a lakehouse simplifies your data architecture by unifying all your data, analytics and AI on one platform
Keep up with the latest advances in open-source technologies like Apache Spark™, Delta Lake, MLflow, Koalas, PyTorch and TensorFlow
Take advantage of a full slate of hands-on training workshops for everyone from data engineers to data scientists and business leaders
Level up your knowledge with highly technical content presented by leading experts in the industry, research and academia
Network with 100,000 data professionals from around the world
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Data Engineer

Data Engineer

“Huge props to @databricks for hosting and putting on an amazing #DataAISummit! The online platform for the conference was seamless, and the amount of innovation showcased in the talks was incredible. Lots of great new Spark 3.0 features to play with too!”

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

“What an Incredible day of learning and exchange of ideas from industry experts in the Spark community! ML yoga to Apache Spark 3.0, Data Lakehouse, Databricks, CI/CD with MLflow, DL, Koalas and more. @DataAISummit @databricks #DataAISummit #DataTeams #DeltaLake #BigData”

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

"Only a few hours into the #DataAISummit and it's already been chock full of good learnings."

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