Platform security and administration

Effortlessly set up, manage, secure and scale your Lakehouse Platform

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Run your data, analytics and AI workloads on a simple, open and collaborative cloud-native platform that easily integrates with your security and management tools, enabling you to extend your existing governance policies for peace of mind and greater control.

Multicloud management

Get the flexibility you need to execute your multicloud data and AI strategy. With Databricks, your admins and data teams are offered a consistent experience across all major cloud providers. This saves valuable time and the resources required to upskill talent on proprietary services for data, analytics and AI.

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Comprehensive platform security

Keep your data in your data lake and give your team the right security permissions with comprehensive audit trails. Easily extend your existing cloud-native security policies and identity management systems to the lakehouse to create private, compliant and isolated workspaces.

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control plane

platform administration

360° administration

Quickly spin up and wind down collaborative workspaces for any project. Equipped with the right tools, platform administrators can easily manage the end-to-end platform experience — from enabling user access, controlling spend, auditing usage and analyzing activity across every workspace to seamlessly enforcing your user and data governance.

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Elastic scalability

On-demand autoscaling optimizes performance and reduces downtime of data pipelines and ML models by efficiently matching resources to demand.

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apis for automation


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“We are expanding the way we use Databricks to now include The ease of use, simple configuration and collaborative environment of the Databricks platform will drastically improve our marketing data science teams’ productivity by using relevant data from across the enterprise in a secure and compliant manner to reimagine the customer experience across and our partner platforms.”
— Ashwin Moodithaya, Director of Technical Product Management, Expedia, Inc.

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“With simplified administration and governance, the Databricks platform has allowed us to bring data-based decision-making to teams across our organization. The ease of adding users, native security integrations with cloud providers, and APIs-for-everything has enabled us to bring the data and tools we need to every employee in Wehkamp.”
— Tom Mulder, Lead Data Scientist at Wehkamp

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“With Databricks, we are building a rich, connected car data platform-as-a-service to enable our customers and partners to simplify analyzing and running machine learning workloads on all our connected car data. The Databricks platform is enabling our customers’ data teams to work in a more collaborative, more secure and highly scalable solution without the need to invest in their own infrastructure.”
— Daniel Tibble, Head of Analytics at Wejo

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