Special Events

Introducing the Databricks Experience (DBX)

A curated set of content and sessions to help you learn more about the amazing innovation happening at Databricks. Designed to help you make the most of your time at Summit, DBX offers quick access to the subjects most relevant to your needs.

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Keep tuned to Summit at the end of the day to join live virtual meetups co-hosted with the Data + AI Online meetup group.

Databricks University Alliance Panel

Monday, May 24th | 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM PT

Kick off your summit with a panel of educators discussing how and why they teach data science at scale.  They will discuss why they teach, approaches to teaching, managing virtual classrooms,  and developing learning content.  Each speaker will give a ten-minute overview of his or her work at their respective universities, followed by a moderated panel discussion focusing on how their instruction has evolved, what conceptual and technical content they focus on, what architecture they use for delivering the course, and best practices in instruction.  Finally, we will wrap with an open Q&A session.

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Kalyani Deshmukh

Research Assistant, San Jose State University

Benjamin Harvey, PhD

Research Professor. Data Science Leader

Donghwa Kim

Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland

Lloyd Palum

Adjunct Professor, Georgen Institute of Data Science

Women in Advanced Data Analytics: Data and ML

Tuesday, May 25th | 4:00PM – 5:00 PM PT

Join us for a meetup in collaboration with Women In Big Data. The imperative for good data quality and observability is equally important to Machine Learning models as model performance optimization is to model tuning. These talks will cover aspects of both needs.

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Shala Arshi

President and Cofounder, Women in Big Data

Meena Arunachalam, PhD

Principal Engineer, Intel

Barr Moses

Cofounder & CEO, Monte Carlo


Data Engineering: Dagster and Spark SQL

Wednesday, May 26th | 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM PT

Close out day one with Karen and Jules from Databricks Developer Relations for a quick Data + AI Summit recap of the day followed by tech talks on Data Engineering including Spark SQL and Dagster. Check out the meetup page for more details.

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Nick Schrock

CEO, Elementl, creators of Dagster

Michael Tong

Software Engineer, Quantcast

Wenzhe Xu

Software Engineer, Quantcast

Maryann Xue

Staff Software Engineer, Databricks

Allison Wang

Software Engineer, Databricks

Machine Learning Frameworks, Model Management and Operations

Thursday, May 27th | 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM PT

Join us for a live meetup session with subject matter experts in Machine Learning Frameworks, Model Management and Operations. They will share their insights into ML frameworks, ML platforms, model lifecycle management and operations. Hosts Jules and Srijith from Databricks Developer Relations team will recap the events of the day and share their favorite session picks from the conference.

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Clément Delangue

CEO, Hugging Face. Original creator of Transformers NLP

Zhihao Jia

Research Scientist, Facebook

Max Fisher

Solutions Architect, Databricks


Industry Events

Don’t miss our industry keynote and panel discussion with thought leaders from some of the biggest global brands. Hear first hand how they are unlocking the power of Data + AI to innovate their industries and organizations.

Retail and Consumer Goods Experience

Featuring Shell, MARS, H&M
and many more.

Full list of talks and events

Healthcare and Life Sciences Experience

Featuring Aetion, Providence St. Joseph,
Humana, and many more.

Full list of talks and events

Media and Entertainment Experience

Featuring CBC, Investor’s daily, MIQ
and many more.

Full list of talks and events

Financial Services Experience

Featuring Northwestern Mutual, Intuit,
ABN-AMRO and many more.

Full list of talks and events


Featuring Hennepin County, DoJ,
DoD, CMS and many more.

Full list of talks and events

Manufacturing Experience

Featuring John Deere
and many more.

Full list of talks and events

Dev Hub + Expo and Networking Events

Connect with your peers and sponsors at the Dev Hub + Expo. We are making live networking happen at our Hallway Chatter rooms, where you can chat with like-minded attendees or hear lightning talks from community members. You can also learn more about Delta Lake, Apache Spark™, MLflow, Koalas and more at the Databricks Booth, and interact with our amazing sponsors.

Our goal is to bring people together and connect in a virtual space. Check out “My Summit” to meet like-minded individuals and to discover recommended sessions/experiences.

Each evening, attendees will be able to “choose their own adventure” by joining a musical performance, attend our highly-engaging live Meetups or explore everything the Dev Hub + Expo hall has to offer.

Women in Unified Data Analytics Panel
In collaboration with Women in Big Data

A Conversation about Allyship

Thursday, May 27 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

We are partnering with Women in Big Data, a group that was originally formed at Intel in 2015, to look at why there were so few women in the engineering department.

Our panel of distinguished speakers will discuss the opportunities and challenges for women and POC in a typically gender-biased industry from a number of different perspectives.

Shuchi Rana

Moderator, Head GTM, Headspin

Elaine Kwok

Partner Success Engagement Lead, Intel

Terell Sterling

Founder & CEO, Go Paladin

Maggie Chu

Sr. Solutions Architect, Databricks

Vanessa Liu

VP, SAP.iO Foundries North America